A Real-Time Luxury Package

globorati-logo-2.jpgYou will probably read the most informative yet interesting 250 words on this newly launched travel website-cum-blog called Globorati.

What I particularly liked about the site is that it not only tells you about the newest hospitality developments from Timbuktu to Toronto, but it cleverly weaves in carefully researched and up-to-date information on the destination in focus. The result is a short, action-packed round up of just about everything you need to know about a place. Since they do most the homework, it saves you reliable research time and aids the decision making process of whether you want to go there or not.




Globorati is the brainchild of two veteran journalists who have spent a combined 30 years covering all aspects of contemporary culture for publications such as The Guardian, New York Times, New York Magazine, Details, Gourmet and Vogue. Mark Jolly is a contributing editor at Condé Nast Traveler and has reported from over 60 countries, while Michael Rovner has launched five national magazines in the U.S.

The site is now live and welcomes feedback with open arms. The editors can be emailed at editors[at]globorati.com.

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