End Of Year Travel-Writing Contest

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got some time to unwind. I certainly did and am having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

On that note, here’s something for those who want to do one last productive thing before the end of 2008 (oh my goodness, 2008!!), or start the year with something simple and nippy where you might just win some cash — $200 in Visa gift vouchers for the winner, and two $50 gift certificates to iTunes.

Just a reminder: for beginner writers, entering competitions is a great way to get your work evaluated and see where you stand. Winning, or even being a runner-up in a writers competition can do wonders for your confidence.




This contest is easy-peasy-squeezy: write a post, send pictures or do a video about the last place you visited and tell everyone why they should go there. The top 5 winners will be selected basis page views and subsequently the top 3 will get one of the above rewards.

The contest is sponsored by Vagabondish, Spongefish, Hostelbookers, and Travellerspoint, and as simple as it can get. It is rather open, so let your creativity in expressing your travels go wild.

Deadline: 14th January, 2008.

How to apply: Check out this link.

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