Get Your Writing Critiqued For Free

Over at Nerd’s Eye View you have an opportunity to write 200 words and get them critiqued by Angela Nickerson, traveler, photographer, and author of ”A Journey into Michelangelo’s Rome“, as part of her virtual book tour.

The exercise is straight forward: write a 200 word (maximum) piece basis the prompt below and post a comment linking to your write-up at Nerd’s Eye View. Here’s the writing prompt:

Michelangelo was just one of the thousands of architects, artists and laborers who molded and shaped St. Peter’s Basilica over two centuries. Every building, grand or humble, has a story and is the product of human hands working together. Choose one of your photographs of a building — large, small, monumental, inconsequential — and in 200 words or less, tell the building’s story.




Deadline: April 14, after which comments will be closed on the post.

The entire workshop will later be posted on Nerd’s Eye View as well.

I think this is a simple and good exercise, and the fact that ALL of you will get free critique from a qualified writer makes it worth your while doing it. Write away!

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