Fodor’s and The Terminal

When I read the “Right This Way” post about Fodor’s getting a spot in the movie The Terminal, the PR girl in me wanted to know how they got such a good publicity score.

In the movie, Tom Hanks’s “only source of knowledge of the outside world is a special-edition Russian-language Fodor’s Guide to New York.”

So, how’d Fodor’s get that spot above any other travel guidebook? I talked to Fodor’s and here’s what they said.




“We were approached by Dreamworks and we produced a replica of our New York City illustrated guidebook into Russian for the movie. There was also a recreated 1988 Fodor’s New York City guide created for the movie in Russian.”

Very cool. It just goes to show you every body has a favorite travel book, and you never know where they will want to display it. Coffee table or my next movie? Nice.

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