Rite in the Rain

weblogo2.jpg The Moleskine notebook is wonderfully designed and very popular for journaling on the road, but what about when nature calls for something sturdier? Outdoor adventure writers may want to swap style for durability so precious words don’t fade off the page in a downpour.

Lifehacker recently mentioned the Rite in the Rain line of writing tools. Here’s what National Geographic Adventure contributing editor and author Dan Koeppel had to say about them:

I’m an outdoors writer, and I find their reporter’s notebooks indispensable – and they really work: they stand up to sweat, tropical humidity and even the recent rains in Los Angeles, where I live. Nearly every size and form factor offered by Moleskine is available, though they’re a little grittier and less fashionable – which I like. (The company’s main business is providing writing paper for police and fire departments.)




The company developed and patented their famous paper to address the soggy paperwork problems of loggers in the Pacific Northwest in the 1920’s. They now carry a host of outdoor writing materials for geologists, archeologists, the military and those in public safety. Their recreation product line includes the Extreme Journal (constructed with sheets of waterproof “DuraRite” synthetic, tear-proof paper) and the All-Weather Pen (with pressurized ink cartridge, writes underwater, upside down, and in temps as low as – 50 F).

What tools do you use for outdoor writing on the go? Anyone ever tried the Rite stuff?

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