A Sense of the World: The Blind Traveler

This 2006 release by Jason Roberts sounds fascinating, and the backstory of how the book came to be is interesting too.
A Sense of the World
tells the incredible story of James Holman, a former British Royal Navy officer and forgotten travel author. Holman lost his sight from an illness at age 25, but managed to clock over 250,000 miles on five continents and write captivating tales about his experiences. The story of Holman essentially fell into obscurity until Roberts found a small reference about the traveler in a book he was browsing at the library. Now the complete history of this courageous explorer is chronicled in Robert’s narrative nonfiction.

Are you curious to learn more? Browse an excerpt from Robert’s book, listen to an interview with the author, read a book review or dive into Holman’s own account of his 19th century travels: A Voyage Around the World, which is available for free download online.




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