Peter Moore

Who is the female equivalent of Peter Moore?

Do you know him? I just got his latest newsletter and I’m excited for him and the release of his new book, Vroom with a View. I’ve only read a few chapters of The Full Montezuma,” but he is one travel writer that I’d like to have a full set of. His books, I mean. I like the way he presents his work and himself. I love the look and feel of the website. I like the punch of his back cover copy. Of course the fact that he’s an Aussie gets me a little. And the fact that he has to ask advice about a marketing plan makes him even more endearing to me for some dumb reason.

Well, I’d love to have read him thoroughly and recommend him based on his writing talents. But I haven’t read enough. Instead I’ll just tell you that I like reading everything I get in his newsletters, that I frequent his website, and that I’m fairly confident that I’ll get in touch with him someday.

Check out his new book. He’s touring OZ. I’ve attached details for his upcoming events.

Peter Moore makes me want to have my own publishing house. Don’t laugh. I think I could sell him in the US and make some money. I forget who I was talking to last week. Oh yeah, now I remember. Not important who, but they were listening to one of my other hairbrained ideas and thought it was worthy of looking into some small business loans. I’ve never looked into it because often my ideas stray far from my experience. But as I ponder and wonder and near strangle myself for not having a clear idea about what kind of job to go after next, this seems to make a lot of sense….




Ok, now don’t get all amped. You know who I’m talking to. This is just thinking out loud. That’s all. I like selling books. I like promoting authors. And I know a little bit of how and where to start. Maybe there’s some foreign authors who would like to get some decent distribution over here. I wonder what I’d need to do, or who I’d have to go to in order to start researching the rules and the first step. Shit, I could start by asking James and Larry what kind of hoops they had to go through in order to start Travelers’ Tales.

Peter’s OZ events:

Newtown Festival
Sun. 09/11
Writer’s Stage
Lennox Street side of Church Street entrance of Camperdown
Memorial Rest Park

Thurs. 13/11
6.30 pm
49 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW
Call 02 9660 2333 or email

Mary Martin’s Milton
Tues. 18/11
6.30 pm
40 Park Road
Milton QLD
Call 07 3510 5000

Thurs. 20/11
6.30 pm
309 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC

Shearer’s on Norton
Mon. 24/11
7.30 pm
99 Norton Street
Liechhardt NSW
Call 02 9572 7766

Hunter Writers Centre
Tues. 25/11
Contact Sue Leask at Pepperina Books on 02 4945 0071

Pages and Pages
Wed. 26/11
Mosman Library
Library Walk
Military Road
Mosman NSW
Call the library on 02 9978 4090 or Pages and Pages on 02 9969
97 36

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