Perceptive Travel March/April Issue

The new issue of Tim Leffel’s travel lit ezine, Perceptive Travel, is here.

Featured authors this month include:
David Farley The Coast of Bohemia
Jeff Greenwald Bringing Coral Reefs Back from the Dead
Joseph Gelfer I Remember Adlestrop
Bruce Northam Be Nice to Strangers
Josh Berman Nothing to Achieve

If you have any interest in the collections of Best Travel Writing that have come to be some of the juiciest bylines in our industry, read Tim Leffel’s review of The Best American Travel Writing collected by Jamaica Kincaid. This particular portion of the review helped me the most, “If you’re the type that enjoys this type of pedantic reading regularly, you’ll like this collection. You’ll get a 24-page rundown on the bloody history of Haiti, a 28-page explanation of how a barge gets down the Mississippi River, and a 29-page search for some abandoned underground tunnels in a Mexican border town. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about the jungle reserve between Panama and Columbia, or the status of fishing rights off the coast of Gabon.”




He then summed up the difference between the two “best” collections quite nicely:

The Best Travel Writing 2005 from Travelers’ Tales: stories that are fun, intriguing, and exuberant.
The Best American Travel Writing from Houghton Mifflin: treatises that are scholarly, cerebral, and intellectual.

Also, the new The Best Travel Writing 2006 from Travelers’ Tales is just out. Find out about who’s in the book, here.
(Thanks, Michael!)

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