Extreme Guerrilla Marketing: Last Pics from Montreal

So, who is Erik the Leo-tern? He is a BootsnAll member, Travelers’ Tales Editors’ Choice contributor, and now follower of Written Road.

Here are the pics
Erik in his Leo-tern uniform, hard at work.

It was Erik’s idea to dress up in a pink bra, and what a good one it was! Erik was video-ed, felt up, and asked to be photographed. The Sand postcards went like hotcakes. I was busy acquainting myself with the more important side to Montreal—poutin. (fries with gravy and cheese kurds)

Actually, I was standing there holding up the book to all who had just seen Erik. One in five hundred passersby would stop to look. And one in four of those would buy.




Here’s Erik manning our beach towel while I went across the way to sign books for the beer girls. They were cute and happy to buy our wares. Sorry men, no pics.

In other wrap up Montreal PR news…

Anne Lagacé Dawson, hostess of “Homerun” the radio show we were on, called to invite us back the next time around. They gave away three copies of Sand during the program and more than 63 people called in right off the bat. She said the demand was so high that they had to block the line from more calls coming in.

On Saturday we saw a rollerblading teenager with an ad pack on her back. I thought it was the coolest thing. Underdone advertising that could be integrated all over big cities. Kinda like those billboards that trucks drag behind them, only on smaller wheels. Erik jerryrigged a smaller version for our SIMB efforts.

Jen in sharkfin gear.

All in all, a good trip on many fronts. Lets see how our Canadian reorders are over the coming month. They should go up and up now that Christine taught me how to say “Sable dans ma brassiere.”

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