Hello Montreal!-with pics!

That's how I began the event, you know, like they do at concerts. First, lets go back to the set up. As we arrived, we were greeted by Dan, one of the coordinators, who said hello with a series of disclaimers. Christine Michaud and I arrived twenty minutes early. There were 15 chairs in front of the podium next to the cafe, and nobody seated. The festival, the nice weather, etc. I didn't think anything of it because I knew it was early. I also knew that Christine had at least fifteen friends coming to see her.

Dan took us over to the cafe and treated us to wine and brie, tea and cookie (I’ll let you guess who had what), while we waited for the seats to fill.

And fill they did!

Christine’s friends came in one after another. There were also women who’d come from seeing the instore displays, and others that had seen us in the Weekly event listings. All in all we read to a crowd of 40. Dan and Ianitt at Indigo were more than pleased to put down chair after chair as guests continued to pile in.

Forty is on the smaller side of events that we’ve done for Sand, but the books that they sold were easily comprable to the bigger events. We signed 8-10, plus they asked us to sign their remaining stock of 18! They had already sold six that week, so the 50 books that they had ordered were nearly gone.




I was pleased that they wanted us to sign 18 extra books. That means that the bookstore can not return them. Ianitt explained that they also distribute them for websales, so the online community can also buy signed books.

All in all, they were very happy, and so were we. Christine had a fantastic read, (her first event), and the crowd was laughing. I read a few of my favorite epliogues, a bit of Prude in Patpong, and Scared Shitless on Safari.

Afterwards we went out with a few of Christine’s friends, and Erik Trinidad, who had dutifully done his job as an Leo-tern by taking lots of pics.

Now I’m off to pick up the media pass, and head down to the radio station. Ah yes, more to blog on that!

Now for the snapshots!
On with the show
Christine reading from Chador Etiquette
The happy audience at Indigo
Jen at the mike
Christine giving her autograph

Big thanks to Ianitt and Dan at Indigo for hosting the event, and hugs to Erik and Christine’s friend for their skills behind the camera lens.

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