Sand on the Streets

Yesterday was crazy busy. Every three hours seemed like a whole new day. I'm writing this Sunday morning Montreal time, and I will give you a few of our guerrila marketing highlights.

* Placed postcards at some of the boutiques and bookstores on the very popular rue Saint Denis.

* Put postcards in the bathrooms at Best of the Uptown Comics. Replenished throughout the night and witnessed one woman reading it as I jetted out the theatre.




* Plastered postcard and press release on street lamps, utility boxes, and whatever poles had remnants of other flyers in the gated JFL festival area.

Proof that we were here:
Sand at the entry gates
Sand at Starbucks

All that plastering last night would not have happened without the enthusiastic support of Erik. I was wiped, desperate for a movie in bed, and even too tired for ice cream. But Erik was ready to plug on and I’m glad we did. I got a brief second wind, and was excited to see our poscard and press release up and down the latin quarter. Erik, you’re a star! This afternoon we’re going to put up more and see if we can sell any books, but it’s looking doubtful.

I’m off to get a smoked meat sandwhich in an effort to spur me on.

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