Look Who’s Jumping on the Bandwagon

I just did a Google search for Sand in My Bra and found new sites that are helping us promote the book.

North Shore libraries in New Zealand…I think I should go do an event there.

Thanks to Sue Richards, The Breast Site has a blurb for us on the underwire bra page.




I saw that we were reviewed in the Detroit Free Press. But after reading it saw that it was the same one that got in the Chicago Tribune. Thanks for spreading it around June Sawyers!

I knew that we’d be mentioned for my endorsement of Ayun Halliday’s newest book, No Touch Monkey. But I hadn’t seen the book cover until just now. Oh My Gawwwwd — this his hilarious. I can’t wait to get the final version of the book just for that classic pic. It’s going in my bathroom-to-be so that I can start my day cracking up.

I didn’t know that we’d made Black Oak’s Bestseller list. They’re local and I’d be happy to go sign some copies if they’re still doing well with it.

Then I found that the Reading Room had blogged about us Oct 8. She was disappointed we were too far from her so I sent an email asking where she is. Then I did some research and she’s in TN. Since I’m flexible right now, I’ll see if we can coordinate something.

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