Sand and the First Lady

When I got to the National Bookfest on the mall in DC, I noticed a camera crew around a small mass of people. Then I saw the body guards. But they just weren’t any bodyguards. I dropped my load, grabbed a book and ran over to the crowd. It was like slaloming through a redwood forest to get past the secret service and over to Laura Bush.

She was on her way to the car, but I managed to quickly ask her for a photo opp.
Sand with the First Lady

There was no time to talk, and it all happened too fast for me to even think about giving her the book. Ugh. But still…

The bookfest was a blast. I had so much fun, even by myself. Here are some photos. Now, I’m off to an event at the Passenger Stop in Maryland.




Getting the first lady photo made me hungry

Stealth sales & marketing

Book lovers everywhere

End of the day

No one asked me to leave. I ran into people who had already read the book in the States and in Canada. I met one woman who knew Stories of World Travel.
And two people who already knew me from both Sand and the web. All in all I sold 35 books. The biggest sale came in the last ten minutes when one woman bought six signed copies. The man to take that last pic at the end of the day told me, “you’re a publisher’s dream.” The days don’t get a whole lot better than that.

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