Staying the Course, Sand Keeps Selling!

We’re going back to print yet again! A great sign that the book is sticking to the walls is that:

1. returns are miniscule so far, completely negligible, which is amazing considering the return rate for a lot of little publishers in the past couple of years have been a killing 30-40%
2. a look at Bookscan shows that the books are not only on the shelves, they are sellling at the cash register, which is obviously far more important.

From our publisher James O’Reilly,
“Sand is already one of TT’s fastest selling books ever.”




What does this mean?

It means that Travelers’ Tales wants me to stay on another month (through August) to keep working the inhouse PR front. Krista and I will be setting up more national author events, radio interviews, and continuing to pitch non book areas such as the Asian American angle, women’s media, clubs/organizations, online marketing….and oh so much more. As I’ve said before, it feels great to be back.

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