Thanks Canterbury Books

I was shocked today to find out that Canterbury Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin is closing.

I had just been thinking about them the other day when I was debating on doing an end of the year roundup of blog posts I wished I’d gotten around to completing. I have no good reason for neglecting them, but it is true that they were one of my favorite events of the summer tour for Sand in My Bra.

Why? The staff. Had I not been rushing back to Chicago for a potentially historic Cubs game, I would’ve spent the night with them. For a sleepover. Can you believe I was invited? These girls were so great. The hip and fun Tara had me on her lively radio program before the event, Stephanie sat through the event more like a fan than an coordinator, and Lisa Marie was thoughtful enough to tell me how much she’d enjoyed A Woman’s Path.

Upon hearing the news of their closing, my immediate reaction was to get sad. But their press release temporarily squelched those feelings. It looks as if Avol’s Bookstore will be taking good care of the traditions that Canterbury Books has placed in this community.

“Book clubs, writing groups, seminars and tutors will continue to be welcome to meet at Avol’s.

Trudy will continue to tell stories on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the original castle at the rear of the bookstore (with a short interruption during February and March).




Avol’s has agreed to carrying on the Canterbury Run/Walk for Literacy to benefit the Greater Madison Literacy Council with assistance from Canterbury volunteers who have organized it in the past.

Avol’s is committed to carry on the December “Readers in the Window” program in 2004 to benefit the Boys and Girls Club and the Urban League of Greater Madison.”

And yes, author events will continue, too.

Here are some pics from when I was in Madison.

Canterbury Bookstore
Tara’s creative promotional efforts for the Sand in My Bra event
Fuzzy picture of me at the event

I wish I had taken a picture of these great women. They were so young. So literate. So passionate. I’m still wearing their purple “Canterbury Run/Walk for Literacy” shirt to bed. So, best wishes from Jen Leo in Belgium. Sorry I can’t make your January celebrations. I’ll be back in October.

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