Around the world in more than 75 anthologies

It sure was fun to wake up this morning, reach for the Sunday Travel section, and find a big article on Travelers’ Tales. John Flinn, Travel Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote about our ten year anniversary in his weekly “Departures” column.

“Around the world in more than 75 anthologies”

But it was more than an announcement of the anniversary or a recollection of our history. It was a well written primer for those who have never heard of Travelers’ Tales.

“…these rambling anthologies are like mosaics: Each piece might add only a single note of color, but combine them and step back, and a rich and multifaceted portrait emerges. When told well, intimate little travel stories have a remarkable way of illuminating much larger worlds.”




John goes on to compare us to the experience of swapping travel yarns in hostels, detailed the benefits of using the Cuba book for a trip of his, and brought to life our anniversary book, The Best Travelers’ Tales 2004.

Nerd that I am, I immediately got on the horn and called Larry, James, and Susan. (Krista, I didn’t have your number). Larry had already read it and though he thought John was going to write about Travelers’ Tales, he didn’t know it was going to be this week.

It is pretty cool that TT has been around this long. Can you believe I’ve known them since they launched book #2, TT Mexico? The years seem to be going by faster and faster.

So, what’s the latest? Hot off the press, and even too soon to link to the TT catalog is TT China, and A Woman’s Europe edited by Marybeth Bond. We’re putting Panties to bed this week, and Larry is off to New York City to read from The Best Travelers’ Tales 2004 at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble.

Big thanks, John! Especially because you put us in your baseball issue!

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