BEA 2004: A Different POV

Thanks to Andie for sending in this BEA commentary from author and blogger Douglas Rushkoff.

I’ll have to read more in to it to see if it was his first time. It sounds like it was the way he reacted to the autographing area. Until last year, I’ve always been standing on the working side of the Travelers’ Tales booth. Setting up the booths, introducing our products, meeting with booksellers, trying to interest the press, etc. For me, BEA has always been a thrill. There’s nothing like meeting face to face with the people who are selling your book, or working for us in another avenue like marketing or distribution.




We all know I’m a people person, so to be out in the midst of several thousands of them seems like an obvious turn on. But even after 7 or 8 BEAs, I still enjoy being there. This year I got caught up on a lot of what’s new in the travel writing book world. Hold tight, it won’t be long till I get it together and update you.

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