Nothing but Good News

Sand in My Bra was named the 2nd best selling book for June at Wide World Books & Maps in Seattle. Hey Frasierheads, lets keep it up for next month too! I’ll be reading and signing books there Tuesday, September 9. Check out their July newsletter for other fun events and hot titles.

In other bookstore news, Book Passage recommended Sand as a summer reading pick in their most recent Book Passage Fortnightly newsletter. Did you know they’re opening a new store in the city?

Being at TT is fun, friendly and familiar. It feels like home and I’m trying to not take for granted their goodness. It’s even better to be getting paid for work I’d be doing on any ole pass through town. Setting up events, helping Krista with press materials, researching new marketing opportunities, maintaining reviews, and that was just yesterday. Here’s one that came in this week:

“A collection of real life travel stories by witty women…what makes this book so appealing is that many of the experiences — not funny at the time — become the story that can be told over and over…this book is a delightfully entertaining look at some atypical travel experiences” — Lauren Roberts, SC Beacon.




This is the first review that commented on the R rating of my story. “A tour of Bangkok’s red-light district might offend some,” Roberts said. How diplomatic. Let’s face it, it’s a little too graphic in parts. I’ve got nine hours to pick out an entertaining portion that I can read tonight at the salon. Something that will make them laugh and want to buy the book without needing to hide it from their preteen daughters.

You can read the full review at SC Scroll down to their “Columns” section to find “Book Reviews.”

In other good news for Sand, we’ve been approached for Korean translation rights. I also got to see a report yesterday. We just closed three months and it is continuing to sell steadily. We’ve had less than 100 returns to date, and that’s extremely low for us. Anyone want to take bets on how long before our third print run? My money is on a month.

To me, it feels like we’re only half way through the launch. Since we’re still booking events, pitching reviews and interviews, and just getting started with some online marketing and special sales, we’ve still got a ways before this slows down. Sand II is on the Fall 2004 calendar (in pencil), so I could be very sandy through the end of the year.

Hey ladies, work on those stories. Have your friends look at them, and polish them up before sending them in. I think I’ll even be considering some of the close runner ups from the last manuscript.

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