Travelers’ Tales Moves to Palo Alto

Today is moving day. San Francisco to Palo Alto, CA.

There is so much work to do book-wise, packing-wise, and then practically as an aside…editing-wise, that it is difficult for me to feel any sentimentality about this. I’m in get-things-done mode. But everyone who has spent time in these offices is feeling something about this move. Some more sad than others.

I know that my favorite times associated with being at 330 Townsend were actually in finding it. The excitement we had from moving from home offices into an office was a big deal. And when Larry and I were driving up and down Townsend scribbling down leasing numbers there was such an overwhelming enthusiasm for what was to come. Pac Bell Park was being built downtown, and we wanted to be within a short walk from it. When it opened, I found tickets on eBay for us. I think we paid somewhere around $50 or $60 each to go to the exhibition game. The very first game in that stadium! I don’t think I can describe for you what a happy time that was.




Learning about PR from Trigg, the many smiles and hugs from Brad Newsham while working on the Take Me With You campaign, and then all the co-workers to come…Tanya before she was married, Tara taking over permissions, being in awe with how much Lisa Bach knew about publishing, introducing the BootsBoyz to Larry, and so many many helpful interns. I would like to list all people that shared some fun lunches here¬óbut there’s just too much packing to do.

So long Travelers’ Tales on Townsend. Bring us good fortune down in Palo Alto…first lunch, Gordon Biersch!

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