The Queer Eye on Whose Panties Are These?

carsonbookgif.gifOn Monday night the Left Coast Writers had an event at Book Passage featuring Michael Shapiro in the Travel Annex. At the same time, Carson Kressley from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was having a reading at BP for his new book Off the Cuff: The Essential Style Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them

Prior to both events, Left Coast Writers PR Queen Alison Hood found the fashion master and the Panties together.

“I’m standing at the counter in the Book Passage travel annex last night, checking out the latest and greatest titles.  It’s fairly quiet in the store, as opposed to across the way where the lattes are being frothed and wine glasses are clinking!  It’s mobbed in there, not just because of intoxicating and steamy libations, but because Carson Kressley (of Queer Eye) is there to hype his fashion tome.




I’m book browsing peacefully, and suddenly, near my left elbow I hear someone say in unmistakable Carson tones, ” ‘Who’s Panties Are These?’  now that’s my kinda book!”  I look up, and there he is in all his Carson-ness, leafing through “Panties”, then picking up a pictorial calendar featuring naked Marin men.  He opens the calendar to a buff guy, naked, on a bike, turns to me and says, “Ooooh, now that’s gotta hurt!”

Well, I think he bought your book–not sure because I got distracted by someone coming up and saying hello to me–but it sure caught his attention.  It was the first thing he looked at (and he did mention that he needed a good read to entertain him during the book tour).”

If anyone knows how to send mail to Carson, please let me know. His show cracks me up and I’d love to send him some books. Heck, if he liked Whose Panties Are These? maybe he could suggest it to those inept men to give it as a gift to their girlfriends after they get their much-needed-magic-transformation. Sheeeat, I’d give him 50 free books if he’d give me a makeover. 100 if he finds me a boyfriend with upstanding character and a good sense of humor.

Carson will be in Seattle tonight and Los Angeles on Friday. Now that I found his website, I can drop him a note. Yep, just go on over to

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